Program Description

Explorers courses are all-English courses specially designed for students with high English fluency, such as returnees or students who have studied at an international school. Explorers provides a dynamic English classroom environment where students can develop their communication skills and cognitive skills (e.g. critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving etc.). As an English program that adopts the four-skills approach, there are ample opportunities for students to polish their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a wide variety of carefully crafted classroom activities throughout the program as well.

Target Audience


From the Lecturer(EX100/200/250)

Adeline Tay

It has been an absolute pleasure to develop the materials for the class of Explorers track and to teach the class as well. Being able to observe how the students respond to the materials first hand has proved to be beneficial as I am now able to consider the feedback received and improve on the course to better address the needs of the students. Whether we are discussing what the different ways of using a PET bottle are, or how the cob is different from a pen, there is rarely a dull moment as every student openly shares their thoughts with the class. It is great to see how different students come together, and take away not just the academic and language skills they need, but also the interpersonal skills as well.

2020年度 J PREP レベル設定基準

2020年度 履修プラン例