Course Introduction

This is a 2.5-hour all-English class that covers intermediate grammar, independent reading, and CLIL.
This course aims to strengthen and expand students’ grammar so they are
able to express themselves better in speech and in writing. During the reading section at this level, students are expected to engage in in-class discussions based on the weekly independent reading assignments. In addition, EX250 students are required to read at least 5 additional books of their choice per term from the library. Aside from exploring different global themes, the CLIL section of the class includes a Weekly Question segment whereby students have the opportunity to steer weekly sharing sessions as they explore a variety of topics.
In terms of class presentations, there will be a heavier emphasis on the quality of the content, and the delivery of the message.At this level, students are also expected to spend at least half an hour a day at home to work on the homework assigned and to prepare for the weekly quizzes.
In the event where students would like some additional practice, they are
encouraged to refine their pronunciation through weekly submission of videos.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this program, students should be able to:
・Read and comprehend the main themes of a novel
・Describe experiences, events, plans, and opinions
・Discuss ideas in a group setting
・Deliver a presentation with confidence
・Write a half-page review on any given book

Course Details

School hours 2.5 hours per week
Tuition ¥30,000 + tax per month
Materials fee approx. ¥20,000 + tax per year

※The assigned classroom materials for the year may change to better suit the proficiency levels of the students.