Course Introduction

<LA510:Academic / Narrative Writing>
Our Academic and Narrative Writing course will introduce students to different ways of writing in English that will be useful in any academic or professional track. In this course students will read and discuss various writing samples, as well as be expected to write their own material based on the themes or styles that they are studying.
Students who join this course should be moderately comfortable writing in English, as the main focus of this course is advanced level writing. Basic grammar and vocabulary is not the focus.
Rather students will learn about style and different modes of expression.

<LA511:Intro to Science and Technology>
This is an introduction to several advanced-level scientific topics. Physics will be approximately half of the course, followed by other scientific and technological areas. In class, there will be a mix of lecture, testing and practice problems, as well as group discussions.
Students should have a fairly strong math background to enter the course. Some knowledge of biology or chemistry would help, but is not necessary to join. The course will cover materials of equivalent difficulty to those taught in US high school physics courses.

Course Details

School hours 1.5 hours per week
Tuition ¥22,500 + tax per month, materials fee
School hours 2 hours per week
Tuition ¥30,000 + tax per month, materials fee

From the Lecturer

Jonathan Ingram

Education:BA, Georgetown University

The Advanced Writing class caters to writers of any level – both those who are not satisfied with their writing ability, and those who enjoy writing and want to develop their practice. Central to the work we do in this class is the fact that writing is a process, not a product: one masters the art of writing by learning and practicing each step of this process. Students develop their abilities by going through a disciplined progression of prewriting, drafting, and revision. One major piece of either expository or creative writing is produced each term, depending on each student’s preference. At the end of the term, students produce a portfolio, share their final drafts with their classmates, and reflect on their own process. Having completed the course, students will be
empowered to approach any type of assignment with confidence.

Student’s Voice

In Academic / Narrative writing class, every student can get clear advice individually, and focus on improving their own weaknesses, as well as strengths in writing.
Since we do a lot of peer editing, I can read various opinions of students around my age, and get inspired by their stories and poetry. Joining this class, I get to write some forms of essays or stories that I would never try
by myself, and I discovered new interests.
Knowledge I got from this class has also helped me write essays in Japanese.

(Futaba Senior High School 2nd Year)