Course Introduction

J PREP’s College Admissions Counseling system offers individualized consulting to match the schedules and needs of students applying to English-language college programs in Japan, as well as universities abroad. We offer one-on-one, appointment-based counseling upon request, and advise students along every step of the application process, from selecting schools to apply to, procuring letters of recommendation,
applying for scholarships, and writing application essays.

Course Details

School hours by appointment only
Tuition ¥38,000 + tax per month, materials fee

Student’s Voice

When I was a high school first year student, I still hadn’t made up my mind about whether I would go to university in Japan or go abroad. Still, I decided to take SAT class and I felt my English improve. By talking with the teachers and my senior at J PREP, and through the wealth of information in the J PREP library, I became more interested in studying abroad, and in my second year of high school, I decided to go to college in the US.
Going abroad is not just a matter of studying for exams. You need recommendation letters and essays, and at first, I had no idea what to do. J PREP instructors supported me along every step of the way, helping me organize my SAT, SAT subject test, and TOEFL schedule, showing me how to ask for letters of recommendation, and advising me on how to appeal to universities through my essays.
SAT was a small class, so it was easy to ask questions. The instructor’s explanations were always easy to understand, and I quickly found answers to my problems. We had short weekly vocabulary quizzes. Though they weren’t too demanding, I felt my vocabulary increasing gradually. I built a habit of studying English at home, and it was fun! I’m glad I attended J PREP from my first year of high school and didn’t wait until after I decided to go abroad. Without JPREP, I wouldn’t have had another place to talk with other high school students in English.
The most helpful thing about JPREP was the flexible support. They not only helped me prepare the documents necessary to study abroad, but also helped me to prepare for interviews for scholarships, and write application essays to Japanese universities as well. Regardless of the class I was in, they provided me the support I needed to achieve my future goals. They even arranged a special lesson with a teacher whose class I wasn’t taking to help me prepare for the SAT Subject tests.
When I began writing essays, I could consult with my teacher whenever I got stuck, and if I had a question about an expression or the structure of the essay, they would revise my work by email. Instructors provided instruction in the way I needed it most at any given time. Being able to easily set up an appointment with my instructor was extremely helpful in preparing for application preparations. Even Dr. Saito made time in his busy schedule to sit down with me and brainstorm essay topics before I began writing my application essays. Thanks to that support, I was able to dig deep into my own background and my essay topics before writing. I struggled to put my own thoughts into words, and my application essays took a lot of time and effort, but through discussions with my instructors, I managed to write more than just superficial words, but an essay with real content.

(Class of 2018 / Swarthmore College)