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Infomation 2024.04.12
Sunnyside Stories: Getting to Know You!

Hello everyone! How was your week?

We would like to share some happenings at Sunnyside this past week!

On Monday, we had our activity themed “Getting to Know You!”. We all gathered in the room and sang a new song “What’s Your Name?”. It was really catchy and the best thing about it was we could go over everyone’s name!

After that, we did a game to find out things we like and had in common with our friends such as:

“I have a dog!”, “I like the color red” and a lot more!

Finally, we also painted our own portraits using watercolors and solved puzzles of everyone’s faces!

Please enjoy the pictures below 🙂


For those considering to switch to an international school, you can inquire or book for a school tour using this link.

In case you missed it, we have an ongoing campaign for PreK-aged students. You can read more about it on this page.



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