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Our Mission

mission mission

The heart of J PREP's mission lies in building the foundations for our students to bring about change in Japan and the world, in every area of the human experience.
Respecting and actively valuing their passions and interests, we cultivate in our students the necessary qualities and skills to recognize their role in society and work with strength, devotion and humility.
Join us in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

mission mission

We believe all children are capable of excellence.
They simply require a stimulating environment and the proper encouragement. Young children learn best by doing things on their own, through exploration and inquiry guided by professional educators. Music and movement are both powerful learning tools that aid children in their intellectual development.
Equally important are strong literacy skills, which we foster in our students from an early age.
Sunnyside International Kindergarten offers a place for students to acquire new knowledge effectively by providing them with the right tools and by cultivating and nurturing in each child a love for learning.


School Curriculum

School Curriculum

Sunnyside offers an approach to early education that is unique among international schools in Japan today. Our curriculum is designed to promote each child's physical, emotional, social, and academic development by combining an integrated approach to learning and an emphasis on literacy with the core principles of several of the world's most highly respected philosophies of early education.

  • An integrated approach to learning

    Studies in child development have shown that children learn best when they use multiple senses and skills simultaneously. Therefore, at Sunnyside, we use an integrated curriculum. Different subject areas such as language, science, social studies, and art are introduced and explored in the context of an overarching interdisciplinary monthly theme.
  • A combination of the world's most highly esteemed approaches to early education

    Although there are many established approaches to early childhood education, our professional educators realize that no singular method perfectly meets the developmental needs of all children. At Sunnyside we embrace the core values of three of the most widely respected educational philosophies for young learners, and recognize the potential of small children to excel in literacy from an early age.
  • An emphasis on the development of literacy skills

    Our experienced educators know firsthand that small children can learn to read and write by the time they complete kindergarten. Sunnyside's unique phonics and literacy program enables native English students to achieve a reading level equal to or above that of a child entering second grade, and even non-native students can achieve a reading level equal to or above that of a child entering first grade in the United States.
School Curriculum


Programs Programs

Programs to help your child learn and grow

At Sunnyside, we aim to provide high-quality early education in English to all our students, regardless of native language or national origin. Highlights of our program include a four-year English immersion preschool / kindergarten course with optional morning and after-school care designed to simultaneously educate and care for young children.
 After-school classes in various subjects are offered daily and supplement our core preschool / kindergarten curriculum. All programs are available to native and non-native speakers; however, instruction is conducted only in English, facilitating students' acquisition of important communication skills.

  • Programs
  • Programs
  • Programs


Facilities Facilities

School Campus

Sunnyside International Kindergarten is located in Jiyugaoka.
 Situated in a bright setting, the school offers a warm "at home" atmosphere, housing four classrooms and an atelier room. Our facilities were professionally designed with safety in mind, and each of our four classrooms are furnished and filled with developmentally appropriate and child-friendly materials.


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1-5-6 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone : 050-6861-3555  
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Aboutus Aboutus

A professional team of educators

A good early education is not possible without the leadership of talented, dedicated educators. At Sunnyside we believe that teachers must serve their students through multiple roles:as mentors, directing each child's education from the perspective of someone who knows the child intimately;as role models, demonstrating the behavior expected from all our students as future global citizens;as inquisitors, posing questions to help children develop their creativity and critical-thinking skills; and as co-learners, evolving together with their students as they create lesson plans to match their students needs and interests. Our teachers are all carefully chosen for their professional experience in early education, their love of children, and their dedication to nurturing in each child a passion for learning.

A Letter from the Principal

Early Years Education is vitally important. The very foundation of who we become as adults is laid down in our earliest years, therefore it is essential that we provide our children with the best learning opportunities possible.
At Sunnyside, we endeavour to be the best at what we do. Our teaching staff are all dedicated professionals and we work hard to maintain the very highest standards of care and education. More importantly, perhaps, this school is staffed by people who love what they do and it is that love that is passed onto the children every day. Sunnyside is a place where children can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their learning is supported by people who will love and support them all the way!


School Founder Jun Saito

Jun Saito is the founder and President of J PREP. After earning his Ph.D. in Political Science at Yale University, he has held faculty positions at Wesleyan University and Franklin and Marshall College before returning to Yale as a assistant professor in 2008. He remained at Yale until he returned to Japan in 2012. He is also the best-selling author of three books on educational policy and language acquisition. Jun grew up in Yamagata prefecture, where he holds an English camp for children each summer. He and his wife Naomi have two children.


Frequently Asked Questions


My child does not know any English.
Can he/she join Sunnyside's preschool/kindergarten/after-school program ?

Sunnyside is open to all children ages 2 through 6, regardless of their English ability. Students with no prior experience in English will not be eligible to join the K2 or K3 classes of the kindergarten program, however. Non-native students with prior English education will be required to complete a placement test to ascertain their eligibility for K2 or K3 class.

Will my child be allowed to speak his/her native language at Sunnyside ?

Use of languages other than English is discouraged during class and play time in order to help students develop their English communication skills to the fullest. Nonetheless, at Sunnyside we embrace cultural diversity and encourage students to be open-minded and accepting of all children regardless of their ethnicity or native language.

I do not speak English, and English is not used in our home. How will I be able to support my child's learning?

Sunnyside's friendly and fully bilingual staff are available to offer parental support in both English and Japanese. Our program is designed to maximize each child's time spent learning in English at Sunnyside, with minimal homework to be completed at home after class. As part of our literacy program, however, students will be required to practice reading at home, and will be given an audio recording to assist them.

Why are literacy skills important for my child?

Research has repeatedly shown that children are most receptive to absorbing language, both oral and written, before the age of six. At Sunnyside we begin instruction in phonics and literacy as early as possible in order to maximize the timeframe in which children learn to read easily and effortlessly. Furthermore, strong literacy skills assist in language retention well beyond completion of kindergarten. Students who are able to read and write in English are more likely to retain their English when they enter Japanese primary school, although this is an environment when English is no longer regularly spoken.

What is inquiry-based learning?

Inquiry-based learning is a unique approach to education in which the teacher acts as a facilitator rather than an instructor, posing questions, problems or scenarios to the student rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge. This approach to early childhood education encourages children to think creatively and critically as opposed to simply memorizing and repeating information.

Does Sunnyside teach manners and good behavior? By attending international preschool/kindergarten, will my child miss out on learning morals and traditions valued in Japanese society?

Because we aim to provide the best English-immersion programs, only English is allowed during school hours at Sunnyside; however, first and foremost we acknowledge that we serve children who are living in Japan. Therefore, we celebrate Japanese traditions and make efforts to teach all children the values that the Japanese culture cherishes. We also believe that good behavior has no cultural boundaries. In each classroom, rules on expected behavior are clearly explained and posted as a reminder.

Will Sunnyside support my child in his/her transition to primary school? Is assistance provided in completing the international school application process?

We are aware that the application process for elementary schools, both international and Japanese, can be confusing and overwhelming for both children and parents. Our experienced staff and teachers are prepared to assist families in completing the application process and to thoroughly prepare our students for their transition to primary school.


Event & Enrollment

Event & Enrollment Event & Enrollment


  • ◆2022 Information Session◆
    ① Sat.Nov.20th, 10:30 - 12:00 @Jiyugaoka J Site 2F
    ② Fri.Dec.3rd, 16:30 - 18:00 @Jiyugaoka J Site 2F
    See more information →  Inquiries Apply

    Sunnyside International Kindergarten
    page for the latest information!

    Sunnyside International Kindergarten
    page for the latest information!

    ◆Advance reservation system◆
    Private information sessions and school tours are available by appointment. Please come for a visit and learn more about our school!
    Our friendly staff are happy to answer any and all questions.
    Interested parties may apply via email: or by telephone: 050-6861-3555.
    Please include your child's name, date of birth, and personal contact information.

    We accept requests for School Tours at any time. We have time between 10-11am on weekdays.
    Please contact us to arrange a tour!

    Event & Enrollment

Enrollment Procedures

Register for the Information Session

Those interested in attending an information session for Sunnyside should apply via e-mail. Please include your name, your child's name, age, and date of birth. Our staff will contact you with dates & times for upcoming information sessions.

Join the Information Session

Please attend the information session on the designated day. During the meeting the school director will be present to explain about Sunnyside and discuss its programs in detail, followed by a Q&A session.

Submit Application

An application form will be provided during the information session. The application may be filled out and submitted in person or completed at home and faxed or e-mailed to Sunnyside admissions at a later date.

Complete Payment of Entrance Fees

Once submitting the application form, applicants will receive an e-mail containing instructions on remittance of school entrance fees. After completion of payment your child's place at Sunnyside will be reserved.

Receive Confirmation of School Registration

Once the payment of school entrance fees has been confirmed, the enrollment process is complete. Our staff will contact you with regular school updates and important information for the upcoming academic year.

Event & Enrollment