Sunnyside International Kindergarten サニーサイドインターナショナルキンダーガーテン


Infomation 2024.05.31
Sunnyside Stories: Learning Session ( 学習会)


Hello everyone! We closed the month of May with a Learning Session for our Parents. The topic we covered this time Phonemic Awareness.

At Sunnyside, one of the things we value is a connection to our community especially our families. One of the services we offer to our parents is holding Learning Sessions spread throughout the school year. We present valuable topics so we can grow together with our parents.

Besides Learning Sessions, Sunnyside always has an open communication with our parents especially when we need to work on some challenges both at home and school.

If you would like to become part of our growing community, you can jump start your journey with us by attending our Info Sessions and School Tours.

We have our upcoming Info Session (説明会) in July and that time, we will discuss mid-year enrollment and our summer school. You can apply here at this link. You can call us at 050-6861-3555 if you have any questions.

Until the next “Sunnyside Stories”!







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