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Infomation 2024.06.12
Sunnyside Stories: Yesteryears Summer School サマースクール

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Sunnyside Stories!

This time, we will share snippets of our previous summer school events. Get ready for a blast from the past!

Each year, Sunnyside holds several weeks of thematic seasonal activities from the end of July ‘til the middle of August.

Visiting students may join too for all three weeks and English experience is not required to join. You would be surprised that by the end of each week, our visiting students already pick up some English expressions they learn from teachers and classmates. Everyone loves dancing to thematic songs, learning new vocabulary and doing group games at circle time!

Back in 2021, we learned about the desert!
We danced our hearts our during
“Festivals Around the World” Week in 2022.

In the first week of summer school, we make our summer school t-shirts! Everyone personalizes their t-shirts, making each piece one of a kind.

2021 Design – Iron-on Designs
2023 Design – Icons Stamping

Within the week, we also do a lot of crafts and dramatic plays. Finally, We wrap up each week by playing in the inflatable pools outside the school.

Do you think we guessed it right? Hmmm! This was part of our treasure hunting week in 2023!
We made our own treasure maps!

Yay for Water Play!

Wow, those pictures brought back so many memories!

We cannot wait for summer school again this year!

Sunnyside is still accepting summer school applicants for all weeks. You can send your inquiry here at this link or call us for more information at 050-6861-3555.

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