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Infomation Event 2024.01.11
[Media Appearance] PIVOT Educational Program EDUCATION SKILL SET


J PREP President Saito appeared on “PIVOT,” an internet media outlet that actively distributes video content specializing in business and learning.

Mr. Saito talks about efficient English learning methods on PIVOT’s EDUCATION SKILL SET, an educational program for developing parenting skills.

Facilitated by Hasen Kuniyama, former TBS TV announcer and PIVOT producer and Yuka Iwasaki, CEO of career SNS “YOUTRUST,” the program provides an easy-to-understand presentation of English learning methods based on second language acquisition theory, the foundation of the J PREP curriculum.

Please be sure to watch the first part, which is currently available, as well as the second part, which will be released on Tuesday, January 16 at 8:00 p.m.

More Information

「ビジネス」+「学び」に特化した映像コンテンツを精力的に配信するインターネットメディア「PIVOT」に、J PREP代表の斉藤が出演しました。
PIVOTの「子育てスキル」を鍛えるための教育番組 EDUCATION SKILL SETで、効率的な英語の学習法をお話しています。

元・TBSテレビアナウンサーでPIVOTプロデューサーの国山ハセンさんとキャリアSNS「YOUTRUST」を運営するCEOの岩崎由夏さんが進行で、J PREPカリキュラムの根幹になっている第二言語習得理論に基づいた英語学習法についてわかりやすくお伝えしています。