Sunnyside International Kindergarten サニーサイドインターナショナルキンダーガーテン


Infomation 2024.03.21
Sunnyside Stories: Spring Show and Graduation

Hello everyone! Spring is finally here!

We are launching our new series here on our website called “Sunnyside Stories” where you can read information about out school events and activities.

On March 15, Sunnyside held its Spring Show and Graduation. The theme of our spring show this time is “We are Super!” since we believe that everyone has their own super powers and something they are very good at! Our Sunnyside friends showed their talents and also spoke individually in front of many people!

We also had our graduation event for our K3 students! The time has come for them to spread their wings and leave their nests! We are so proud of their development throughout their years at Sunnyside.

Until the next “Sunnyside Story”! 🙂