Sunnyside International Kindergarten サニーサイドインターナショナルキンダーガーテン


Infomation 2024.04.19
Sunnyside Stories: A look into our activities

Hello everyone! Yesterday, April 18th, there was a warning about Yellow Sand (黄砂) coming into Tokyo. We hope you did not get affected so much. As a precaution, Sunnyside friends played indoors to avoid getting irritated by the yellow sand.

We had many class activities in the past week and we thought we could share them with you! You can read anecdotes from the class teachers to understand the activities better.

“we engaged in juice-making and pouring water practice with the teapot in the afternoon”

we did stretching and exercises, we did different walks, making bridge pose and forward roll

“we created a May calendar which included steps like cutting, coloring, folding and origami

Have a nice weekend!


For those considering to switch to an international school especially in Jiyugaoka, you can inquire or book for a school tour using this link.

In case you missed it, we have an ongoing campaign for PreK-aged students. You can read more about it on this page.