Course Introduction

This course is designed to a provide broad liberal arts curriculum for advanced junior high school students with a near-native level grasp of the English language. Many of the students in the class will have spent time overseas or have been raised in a multicultural environment.
Students will be taught how to read difficult works after being shown how to read for academic purposes, present their ideas by giving a speech, think through difficult ideas through poetry and short stories, do their own research and present their own ideas in English by giving a presentation.
A key component to this class is building critical thinking skills; the ability to form connections between texts and the students’ prior knowledge and the students’ own experience. Focus is placed on having students develop autonomy and manage their learning outside the classroom while pair and group work is encouraged in class. At the end of the term students will have the opportunity to work on a self-guided learning project supported by the instructor.
This is not a test preparation course, but this course will provide solid grounding for long-term study overseas.

Course Details

School hours 3 hours per week
Placement test Students who wish to take this course must take a placement test.
Enter the course Students cannot enter this course in the second half of each term.
Available Site ShibuyaJiyugaoka

From the Lecturer

Steve Heintz

M.A. International Policy Development
MA. English
Public School Certified – State of New York
Business School Teacher Certificate
Teaching English as a Foreign Language with Online Specialization Certificate

Hello everyone, my goal is to provide students with a range of skills that are needed in order to work and improve in a global and multinational information society.
Education should contribute to the students’ values and at the same time help them to be active citizens and to be able to think critically. My ultimate goal is to spark a pursuit of knowledge in the student, so that they keep on learning as they grow into whoever they choose to be. We can also do this with a smile and have an enjoyable class.