Program Description

J PREP Scholars is an educational program to develop young scholar-leaders. We strive to improve not only students’ English ability, but also their critical thinking skills in preparation for both college and their lives after formal education. We are committed to helping each student reach their potential as scholars, leaders, and independent learners, and to help educate students who will leave an impact not just in Japan, but on the global stage.

J PREP Scholars

Overseas University Preparation Courses

Four Skills Courses

TOEFL®️ Courses

● TOEFL®️ Intermediate

● TOEFL®️ Advanced

IELTS Course
SAT®️ Courses

● SAT®️ Foundation

● SAT®️ Advanced

College Admission Counseling

Liberal Arts Courses

● Introduction to Liberal Arts

● Liberal Arts Ⅰ

● Liberal Arts Ⅱ

● Gifted Scholars

● Great Books

● Great Books Advanced

● Academic / Narrative Writing

● Intro to Science and Technology

J PREP Scholars specializes in standardized test preparation, university admissions consulting, and custom-designed academic courses and mentoring rooted in the liberal arts for all students. We strive to help grow a generation of educated and confident youths who are prepared to handle the challenges of post-secondary education and beyond. We are committed to helping our students develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in their educational and professional endeavors. Our team consists of graduates from top universities and brings unrivaled expertise. We are not only scholars, but also leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our instructors come from around the world with a range of educational and professional experiences. Students who wish to join the scholars program are expected to commit and prioritize their studies. Students will sign a letter of commitment, agreeing to try their best and complete their course. Instructors will support students in their endeavors and help them succeed.

J PREP Scholars Overseas University Preparation Courses

We have developed our own comprehensive all- English curricula, courses, and programs with proven results. Our courses are flexible and adaptive to the unique needs of each student, and designed to provide a clear path to reach academic goals. Our pedagogy allows for a dynamic learning environment that engages our students to be critical thinkers and confident scholar-leaders. Please let us know if you are interested in these courses and we will guide you through the placement test.

Course Number
Course Objective
Current Ability
Four Skills SA500 Introductory course that focuses on four skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) and explores four common stan- dardized tests (TEAP, IELTS, TOEFL® and SAT®). The aim is to familiarize themselves with the basics. TOEFL® iBT 50
TOEFL® Intermediate SA550 This course is an introduction to testing strategies specific to the TOEFL® test. Students will develop their English gram- mar, vocabulary, and will learn more about using English in academic settings to improve their TOEFL® scores. TOEFL iBT® 80 TOEFL iBT® 95
TOEFL® Advanced SA580 Geared to Change to geared towards high school students who are familiar with the basics of TOEFL® test-taking strat- egies and planning to go to an overseas university. TOEFL iBT® 95 TOEFL iBT® 110
IELTS SA530 This IELTS preparation course is suitable for those who need IELTS test score to meet English proficiency require- ment to study abroad. Students will practice four skills and learn more about test strategies. In Term C and D, students will research about their prospective university and give a presentation. IELTS 6.5 IELTS 7.5
SAT® Foundation SA650 For high school juniors (HS2), this SAT preparation program focuses primarily on the reading and writing sections of the test. We also begin planning for the college application pro- cess through short presentations and discussions in class. TOEFL iBT® 85 (minimum requirement), ideally 100+
SAT® 1200
SAT® 1300
SAT® Advanced SA680 For high school seniors(HS3)who are familiar with the basics of SAT® test-taking strategies.
This course offers a flexible curriculum that changes year- to-year based on student needs.
TOEFL iBT® 100+
SAT® 1300
SAT® 1400+
College Admission Counseling SA690 This course consists of individualized counseling for
high school seniors to assist and advise all aspects of their college applictions such as application essays, recommendation letters, financial aid and scholarship applications. In principal, students should have
completed testing or test preparation before joining
this course.
IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL iBT®100+ / SAT®1400+ College admission

*SA:Study Abroad

J PREP Scholars Liberal Arts Courses

Our Liberal Arts program provides opportunities to engage in a diverse range of subjects that will challenge their abilities in critical thinking and analysis. Please let us know if you are interested in these courses and we will guide you through the placement test process.

Course Number
Course Name
Course Objective
LA300 Introduction to Liberal Arts Introduction to Liberal Arts aims to develop the English, critical thinking, and self- study skills needed to effectively solve problems and express opinions in a variety of subjects. This class is designed to prepare the students for the more intensive requirements of LA350.
LA350 Liberal Arts Ⅰ LA350 is an all-English critical thinking course which strives to improve students’ abilities in academic writing, public speaking, discussion, reading comprehension, and analysis. This course prepares students with a moderate to high level of fluency for the demands of J PREP’s more advanced Scholars classes.
LA380 Liberal Arts Ⅱ LA380’s goal is to build up the students’ abilities in the four key skills of English while fostering independent learning. Students are expected to research broad topics in detail and give presentations on their findings.
LA400 Gifted Scholars Course Aimed at providing more intellectually stimulating coursework drawn from a diverse range of liberal arts, the disciplines for advanced junior high school students.
LA500 Great Books Course Geared for junior high school students. The course is dedicated to strengthening critical reading and analytical skills, improving verbal, written, and critical thinking skills.
LA600 Great Books Advanced Course Tailored to high school students who are interested in reading a wide variety of important works of Western literature in a number of different genres and discussing a variety of analytical approaches to literature.
LA510 Narrative / Academic Writing Course Geared for high school students who want to receive process-based writing instruction.
LA511 Intro to Science and Technology Course Tailored to high school students who are interested in science and technology programs in university.
LA512 Economics This course is for high school students interested in studying economics at the university level.

*LA:Liberal Arts

J PREP レベル設定基準表

世界に通じる英語塾【J PREP 斉藤塾】

  1. ES:English Skills(英語4技能)/EA:English for Academic Purposes(国内受験)/ EX:Explorers
  2. Levelの表記 Level 0:J PREP Kids / Level 1~6:J PREP斉藤塾
    ※J PREP Explorers のLevel は J PREP 斉藤塾に準ずる
  3. 00~20番台:標準コース / 50~60番台:集中コース / 70番台~90番台:(国内受験)コース
プログラム 対 象 指導言語 開講月 授業回数 授業時間

Sunnyside International Kindergarten

1歳10か月~6歳 英語のみ 4月 週5日


小1~小5 英語のみ 4月 週3~5日


小1~小4 日英 3月 週1日 2時間+LT*30分

J PREP Explorers

小1~小4 英語のみ 3月 週1日 2時間30分


小5~中3 日英 3月 週1日 3時間


小5~高1 日英 3月 週1日 3時間


小5・小6 日英 3月 週1日 3時間


高2・高3 日英 3月 週1日 3時間~3時間30分

J PREP Scholars

小5~高3 英語のみ 3月 週1日 1~3時間

*LT : ライブラリ・タイム

C2 ほぼすべての話題を容易に理解し、その内容を論理的に再構成して、ごく細かいニュアンスまで表現できる。 8.5 – 9.0
C1 広範で複雑な話題を理解して、目的に合った適切な言葉を使い、論理的な主張や議論を組み立てることができる。 1級 95 – 120 400 7.0 – 8.0
B2 社会生活での幅広い話題について自然に会話ができ、明確かつ詳細に自分の意見を表現できる。 準1級 72 – 94 334 – 399 5.5 – 6.5
B1 社会生活での身近な話題について理解し、自分の意思とその理由を簡単に説明できる。 2級 42 – 71 226 – 333 4.0 – 5.0
A2 身近で日常的な事柄についての基本的な表現を理解し、簡単な言葉で説明できる。 準2級 186 – 225 3.0
A1 日常生活での基本的な表現を理解し、ごく簡単なやり取りができる。 3級 2.0

※ 英検®は公益財団法人 日本英語検定協会の登録商標です。

出典:各種資料を基にJ PREP 斉藤塾作成。
TOEFL®はEducational Testing Service(ETS)が運営する、4技能型英語力判定試験で、主として米国大学に留学する際に用いられています。
IELTSはケンブリッジ大学英語検定機構、ブリティッシュ・カウンシル、IDP Educationが共同で運営する4技能型英語力判定試験で、主として英連邦諸国の大学に留学する際に用いられています。