Course Introduction

J PREP’s College Admissions Counseling system offers individualized consulting to match the schedules and needs of students applying to English-language college programs in Japan, as well as universities abroad. We offer one-on-one, appointment-based counseling upon request, and advise students along every step of the application process, from selecting schools to apply to, procuring letters of recommendation, applying for scholarships, and writing application essays.

Course Details

School hours by appointment only

Student’s Voice

Of all the valuable experiences and enriching classes I participated in J PREP, probably the biggest advantage was to be welcomed as a member of the J PREP family. Whenever I went, there were teachers and friends to support me, and especially during my college application period, I felt very confident being a member of the family.
My official class was once a week; however, my classmates and I often went to J PREP on other days of the week to get some advice, or just to simply do individual work. No matter when we showed up, any teacher would help us out with the application forms and the preparation for exams. Being a member of the J PREP family meant that I could ask anyone, any questions, any time. Furthermore, since our main teacher Kalau, knew us so well, the classes were customized for us. Therefore, we could acquire exactly the knowledge and information we needed during class.
Not only the teachers, but also the books stored in the library, and the self-study rooms were beneficial for our study. Moreover, since the main language used in J PREP was English, the environment encouraged me to keep using my English and to increase my language level even outside of class.
I am also grateful that I encountered great classmates.
Aiming for a similar goal, we cheered each other up, had deep conversations, and expanded our perspectives. We also had chances to read each other’s essays during class, and give each other advice and learn new philosophies.
I am very glad that I could be a member of the J PREP family.

(Class of 2019 / SA680 / Waseda University School of Culture, Media and Society)