Course Introduction

J PREP’s College Admissions Counseling system offers individualized consulting to match the schedules and needs of students applying to English-language college programs in Japan, as well as universities abroad. We offer one-on-one, appointment-based counseling upon request, and advise students along every step of the application process, from selecting schools to apply to, procuring letters of recommendation, applying for scholarships, and writing application essays.

Course Details

School hours by appointment only

Student’s Voice

I joined J PREP in the fall of my junior year. I was set on studying journalism or a related field and wanted to be in a politically dynamic environment, which was why I chose to apply to colleges in the US. I joined well into the school year so I was already behind on SAT prep. Since most of the teaching was finished, I did the majority of my studying through the practice test classes. Going through the answers with the class and analyzing my own thought process behind each answer choice helped me understand where I was losing points. For me personally, my weakness was not picking up on the intentional wording of the answer choices in the reading section. Once I started paying more attention to the subtle nuances, I was happy to see my score getting better and better.
However, while the SAT® was still important, the most vital component of my application was undoubtedly my essays. They were able to give the admissions officers a glimpse into my upbringing, ambitions, and core values that ultimately shaped me into who I am today. My SA680/SA690 teacher Kalau was with me every step of the writing process—from choosing a topic to proof reading the final draft. He was the perfect person to read my essays because he knew me well enough to give me precise advice, but he wasn’t biased either. With his constructive feedback, I was able to refine what was once a bullet point list into an essay that I was satisfied with. The peer essay review sessions with my classmates also helped a lot too. Regardless of whether I was the one getting critiqued, giving comments, or just listening, I always learned something. The rule Kalau set that prevented us from prefacing our essays was also extremely effective too, because it simulated the actual evaluation process where you can’t give the AOs any insight before they start reading your essay.
The advising sessions I had with Kalau were extremely helpful because he was able to clear up any academic, financial, or technical concerns I had in regard to applying. I went to a Japanese high school, and since I didn’t have an “official” college counselor, I was grateful that going to J PREP gave me one. No matter the question, he would always have an answer for me, and that gave me a lot of much-needed reassurance during such an anxiety-inducing time. In the end, I attribute most of my success in getting into my dream school to the guidance I received from Kalau and J PREP. The confidence that studying here gave me in my English is something
I know will help me through the next four years I will spend at USC.
Thank you.

(Class of 2020 / SA650, SA680, SA690)